Diary entry for a travelogue

The text you read is a travelogue where the author, Vikram Seth, talks about his visit to two sacred places in Kathmandu.

Imagine that you were with Vikram Seth on his visit to Pashupatinath temple, and you were noting down all that you saw and did there, so that you could write a travelogue later.

Record in point form

• what you see when you reach the Pashupatinath temple

• what you see happening inside the temple

• what you do when inside the temple

• what you see outside the temple

• what your impressions are about the place.

Today, being the first day of my trip, I have come to visit the Pashupatinath temple with my friend, Vikram Seth. It is a beautiful place.

• On reaching the temple, I notice a completely chaotic scenario. The priests, hawkers, devotees, tourists, cows, monkeys, pigeons and dogs are roaming through the grounds.

• The temple is crowded with huge number of devotees rushing to worship the deity. People are even pushing to enter.

• Inside the temple, we worship and offer a few flowers to the deity.

• Outside the temple, a signboard declared that only Hindus could enter the premises of the temple.

• According to me, the place is chaotic and noisy, like most holy places in India.

(The above answers are only a sample provided for the student's help. We recommend that students answer such questions using their own creativity and understanding.)

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