Diary entry if enjoy i enjoy birthday party of my friend birthday

Dear student

Diary entery is an interesting hobby that some people have.

It comes in the writing section.

If you wana know how to write diary entery then here is the format u can follow this.

Date (21. 9 .16)
Time (11pm)

Salutations (Dear diary)

Your Content (Example)

Today I am very happy as I went to my friends birthday party it was amazing. I had a great evening today. My friend was also too happy to receive the gifts. We played a lot of games and the jokers they made the enjoyment double with their funny tricks and the magician was fantastic he made the rabbit fly we don't know how that was my favorite. Hope the day tomorrow will also bring such an enjoyment.


Note The diary entry must not be too long it must be only of 150-250 words.

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sorry bro but i didnt understand your question
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i did not understand your question.
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Ohh! You have to write that what u enjoy and how what u have done in ur friends birthday party.
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