diferentiate between metaphase of mitosis metaphase 1 of meiosis?

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Mitotic metaphase Meiotic metaphase I

A single chromosome consisting of two chromatids each align at the equator

Bivalent chromosomes with four chromatids in each align on the equatorial plate 

Here centromeres of the chromosomes lie on spindle equatorial plate  while the chromatids extend freely  

Here arms of paired chromosomes lie on equatorial plate of spindle while as the centromeres are directed towards poles.

Both of the chromatids of each chromosome are genetically similar

The four chromatids of the bivalent  (tetrad) are genetically non identical because of the  process of crossing over.

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In Mitosis the chromosomes spilt themselves from the centromere during the Metaphase.
But its not the same in meiosis , in this the centromere do not spilt up and as a result instead of the chromatid ( single chromosome or chromosome having only one dna)  the whole chromosome goes to the poles during the Anaphase. 
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