difference between
1) potential energy and kinetic energy 2)conventional and non conventional source of energy

1. Potential energy is a form of stored energy due to configuration/position of the object while kinetic energy is the energy associated with an object due to its motion.

2. In basic terms, “conventional and non-conventional” sources of energy give an idea about how it is easier to reach the resource at present and how feasible it is in terms of economic viability.
But for the past many years, we are using some particular resources (like petro, diesel, and gas) and more advanced mechanisms are available to extract energy from these sources. Therefore, these sources of energy are known as conventional sources of energy. These sources are very limited in nature. On the other hand, some sources of energy are available for a very long time and can provide an unlimited amount of energy. Unfortunately, we do not have enough advanced technology to extract energy from these sources. These sources of energy are non-conventional sources of energy.

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