difference between :

a) dicot root and monocot root

b) dicot stem and monocot stem

c)dicot leaf and monocot leaf

minimum three or maximum five (for5 marks and 3 marks)

  • Dicot and monocot are two types of angiosperm groups. 
  • In dicots, the seeds bear two cotyledons or seed leaves while in monocots, the seed bears a single cotyledon. 
  • The roots help in holding the plant firmly to the soil and also absorb water and minerals from the soil, the stem conducts the water, minerals and food from the roots and leaves to the other parts of the plant respectively.


The differences between anatomy of dicot and monocot root are already explained in the tabular form in the study material. Refer to the link http://cbse.meritnation.com/study-online/study-material/m7LdMfTrQu2d8Zdxt5yHYQ!!/Z2xchULNsDlVdyLCxrTYeQ!! and get back to us for further doubts.

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