Difference between arrangement of gray and white matter in cerebrum and cerebellum.

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Cerebrum Cerebellum
In the cerebrum, the grey matter is in the periphery and the white matter is inside it. In the cerebellum, underneath the grey matter of the cortex lies white matter, made up largely of myelinated nerve fibres running to and from the cortex.
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1. Grey matter is made up of nerve cell bodies, and white matter is made up of fibers.

2. Unlike the white matter, the neurons of grey matter do not have extended axons.

3. Grey matter occupies 40 percent of the brain, while white matter fills 60 percent of the brain.

4. Grey matter has a grey color because of the grey nuclei that comprises the cells. Myelin is responsible for the white appearance of the white matter.

5. Processing is concluded in the grey matter, while white matter allows communication to and from grey matter areas, and between the grey matter and the other parts of the body.

6. Grey matter has no myelin sheath, while white matter is myelinated.
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These two are brain parts so gray matter is located outside made up of cell bodies and white matter inside made of axons
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