Difference between Bacterial cell and human cheek cell

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The bacterial cell is missing a separate nucleus and nucleolus. Its DNA is a single circular strand near the center of the cell. It does not contain any membrane bound organelles (endoplasmic reticulum, lysosomes, vacuoles, golgi apparati, mitochondria, etc). It is a lot smaller than a human cheek cell. Bacteria also contain small circles of DNA called plasmids. They may also contain flagella and smaller hair-like structures called pilli. The cheek cell contains membrane bound organelles, a nucleus and nucleolus. Its DNA takes the form of rods 46 of them in humans. They are void of pili and flagella.

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Human cells?have membrane bound organelles, where asbacteria?don't. ...?difference between bacterial cells and human cells?is that;?Bacterial cellhas?cell?wall made up of NAG, whereas?human cells?don't.Bacterial cell?doesn't have well organised nucleus, whereashuman cell?does.
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