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difference between charge by induction and charge by conduction?



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Difference between charging by induction and charging by conduction:



1. In this process there is no physical contact between the objects.

1. The conducting surface is connected to a charged object to transfer the charge.

2. The net charge on the object is zero since equal amount of opposite charge is accumulated on the side away from the side where a charge is induced.

2. The net charge on the object changes after the charging process since there is a transfer of charge.

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anushka_shrivastava , added an answer, on 18/6/11
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 charging an object by induction means that the two objects i.e the object getting charged and the object charging it are not in contact with each other and in conduction the two objects are in contact with each other.

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archana.sharma... , added an answer, on 20/6/11
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Charging by Induction:-

1. No physical contact.

2. No exchange of charge.

Charging by conduction:-

1. Two objects must be in physical contact.

2.Transfer of charge takes place.

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Palbha Sweety , added an answer, on 17/6/11
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 in charging by induction the glass   rod ie the body which makes neutral body charged  does not loses its charge

where as in charging by conduction d body whihc makes other bopdy charged loses some of it charge

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mnkumar517... , added an answer, on 17/6/11
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in induction near point disimilar charge induced nd far point similar charge induced  bt in condution if the charged conductor is touched wid uncharged conductor then same charge distributed in whole conduction ....

understand that is the diff. b/w induction & conduction  ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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