difference between duodenum and ileum??

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  • Duodenum- It is the first part of the small intestine where breakdown of food occurs with the help of enzymes.
  • Ileum- Its the last portion of the small intestine and it is responsible for absorption of fats, and bile salts which are a component of bile.
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The duodenum is the first or initial part of the small intestine, which connects with the stomach. This part is very short in length with 25-38 cm and its construction are just like a hollow tube. Generally, the function of Duodenum is absorption of iron. However, when we see in depth, this part of small intestine release mucus to break down the food particles. Another key role of Duodenum is deciding the emptying rate of stomach by means of hormonal pathways. It can be further divided into four parts with shape of three parts as C-Loop curve.
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The ileum is the final or?third part?of the small intestine. The length of ileum is 2-4 meters and its function is to absorb bite salts, vitamin B and remaining digested food particles that do not absorb in the jejunum.
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