difference between genetic variation and genetic diversity?

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Genetic diversity, is the biodiversity that refers to the total number of genetic characteristics in the genetic makeup of a species. It could be any variation in the nucleotides, genes, chromosomes, or whole genomes of organisms. 
For example: In human beings variety of people's faces reflects each person's genetic individuality, Thousands of breeds of different dogs or the numerous variety of roses.etc  

Genetic variations can be defined as the changes in the genetic material or in the alleles of the genes of a population. Variations which are beneficial for the population and help in the better survival of the population are naturally selected. Accumulation of many such variations result in development of new species. Variation is the raw material for evolution.

For example: Let us suppose that a population of bird with long beaks inhabit a new area. In that area, they have food which can be consumed properly with short beaks. Due to certain variations, there are some birds with short beaks in that population. So, in the new area they will survive better and reproduce more, hence there number will increase and slowly they will evolve into a new species.

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