Difference between gland and hormone . Plz answer in points...

To try understanding the differences between a gland and a hormone, let’s define them at first …

Gland is a physical part of body like bone, flesh, hair. And on the other hand, Hormone is some chemical released by a cell or part of body to convey to act by cells in other part of body.


The glands are the organs or parts of the body from where hormones are released and hormones are the chemicals enzymes released by different glands.

Other definitions

Gland - a part of body like which does not move or travel

Hormones are secreted by the parts of body and they can move to the area of body where there is need.

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Glands are special structures inside our body which secretes a certain substance.

Hormone are the substances released by our glands inside our body. It acts as chemical messenger.
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