Difference between gravitational force and electrostatic force

The differences are:

  1. Electrostatic force is force between two charges separated by distance in space while gravitational force is the force between two masses separated by a distance.
  2. Electrostatic force is either repulsive or attractive while gravitational force is always attractive.
  3. Two charges 1 coulomb each separated by a distance 1 meter in space is will attract or repulse with a force of 9×109N while two masses each of 1kg separated by a distance 1m will attracted by a force of 6.67×10-11N. That is gravitational force is much weaker than electrostatic force.
  4. Electrostatic arises due to influence of electric field on a charge mediated by photons while gravitational force arises due to curvature of space by the presence of mass.  

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gravity attract electric force.

electric force can change direction

electrostatic force depend on interviening medium

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Electrostatic force or Coulomb’s force is the force acting between two charges. Force between similar natures (same sign) will always be repulsive, while the force between two unlike charges (opposite sign) will always be attractive. Example: The electrons of an atom are bounded to its nucleus because of the electrostatic force of attraction between the electrons and the positive nucleus.

Gravitational force is the force acting between two masses. It is always attractive. Example: Gravitational force responsible for keeping the moon on its orbit around the earth

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The gravitation or the gravitational force of an object is the force, with which it attracts every other object in the universe
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The force of attraction or repulsion exerted due to charge on a body is called electrostatic force. It is expressed by Coulomb 's law.
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  1. Garvitational force=)The gravitation force is the force exerted by two bodies which have  masses.Ex;earth and man,sun and moonand even between two tennis balls but they didn't attract because their masses are very less.Therefore the gravitationl force is less.the magnitude of gravitational force can be known by newton's inverse law of gravitation
  2. Electrostatic force=)The electro static force is the force which is attractive or repulsive that acts between two charges that are at rest.The magnitude can be known by coulumb's inverse square  law
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