difference between indian wedding and russian wedding

these symbolises two civilisation but indian wedding is fully diversed and many ways ,paramparas,dharmas are there inside which any one can marry and russian wedding had no options like indian marriage .they don't have variety> iam not sure that is there any other mode of wedding also available there in RUSSIA .if iam wrong then iam sorryyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
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Character sketch of Mariganko Babu
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1 . Changing of rings 2 . Expenses for reception is shared by both bride and groom 3 . Both have the same trust , respect and loyalty . 4 . The couples of both Indian and Russia sits at a specially arranged table. 5 . Newly married couple goes for an tour of the city sights
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1 . Won't have much competition like Russian such as A. Groom has to climb several stairs to reach his bride . B . Bride gets stolen and groom had to find her 2 . No dowry 3 . Marriage take place within 1 day 4 . Will not go procession of several car . 5. After the marriage ..they would go for tour ....but in Russia they would go for tour within 2 or 3 hours
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This from my own thought

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please answer clearly
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Mam summary of in hindi typing okya
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