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difference between india's farm and USA's farm








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S. No

Farm system in India

Farm system in USA


Farmer possess land of about 1.5 hectares

In USA, average farm is about 250 hectares


The farmer purchases high yielding variety of seeds every alternate year

The farmer resides in the farm and grows corn in his fields


He grows 2 crops in a year which are mostly wheat and rice

He grows major crops like corn, soyabean, wheat, cotton, sugarbeet


He ploughs the field through tractor which he gets through rent and also irrigates his field through rented tube well from the nearby field

He take adequate measures to control pests in his crops, sends soil samples to laboratory, and his computer is linked to satellite which in turn helps to use chemical fertilizers whenever it is required


He approaches cooperative societies for buying HYV seeds and farm implements

He uses tractors, seed drills, leveller, combined harvester, thresher to perform agricultural operations


Since the farmer do not have enough storage facilities they are forced to sell the produce even when the market is not favourable to them

Grains are stored in automated grain storage and later despatched to market agencies. In USA, famer works like businessman

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