difference between individual series and discrete series???????????pls tell me fast???

An individual series is a raw data form.It gives numeric values for a specific situation.for e.g. following are the marks secured by students in a class :22,23,28,21,18,18,19,22,23.

Discrete series on other hand,gives data for each specific value of variable.The speciality about discrete series is that,the variable involved in the series have integer values.For e.g.

Income (Y)No.of Persons(f)

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in indivisual series all data are expressed indivisualy.presented in serial number order. eg:3__9;4__6; 5__9

here first is the roll number of a student and latter the marks scored by them .it is presented in acsending order.

in discrete series data is presented in form of exact measurement .every item takes a definite value. eg: 5__12; 10__17

here first is the marke of students and second is the number of students

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Thank you @Bhanu Priya

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ur always welcomed!!...

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