Difference between mass and weight 

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Mass is the amount of matter contained in the body.

Weight is the force exerted on a body due to the gravitational pull of another body such as the earth, the sun, etc.


Mass is an intrinsic property of the body.

Weight is an extrinsic property of the body.


Mass of a body remains the same everywhere in the universe.

Weight of a body depends on the local acceleration due to gravity where it is placed.


The SI unit of mass is kilogram (kg).

Since weight is a force, its SI unit is Newton (N).


Mass of a body can be measured using beam balance, pan balance, etc.

Weight of a body can be measured using spring balance, weighing machine, etc.


Mass of a body cannot be zero.

Weight of a body can be zero.


It is the measure of inertia equation for weight.

It is the measure of force.

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Mass is the amount of matter present in a body and is an intrinsic property of the body. Mass of an object remains the same always at any place.
Weight on the other hand is the force which a given mass feels due to the gravity at its place. Weight is measured in units of Force like Newton (which is the SI unit of Force).

If your mass is 60 kgs then your weight is approximately 60 x 10 = 600 Newtons. This is because

Force = mass x acceleration (From Newton’s second Law)

Thus, weight = mass x acceleration due to gravity

If you go to moon your mass remains same, i.e 60 kgs, but your weight becomes less by 1/6 amount, since moon’s gravity is 1/6 that of earth.

Mass of a body is measured by balancing it equally with another known amount of mass. You keep known amount of masses like blocks of 1 kg, 2 kg etc on one side till both the sides balance and then add up the numbers on the known side of mass and thus calculate the unknown mass. This works because, when the masses are equal on both the sides of the balance the effect of gravity cancels out for both (i.e weight cancels out) and hence we can calculate the mass on one side of the balance if we know the mass on the other side of the balance.

Weight is measured using a scale which effectively measures the pull on the mass exerted by the gravity of the earth.

A Scale is used to calculate the mass of an object, while Spring Balance is used to calculate the weight of an object.

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Mass is a Physical quantity which determines amount of matter contained in an object......

SI unit Kg.

Weight is the gravititional force which pulls us towards earth....

SI unit Newton..


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♦Mass is the quantity of matter contained in a body, while weight is the force by which the body is pulled to the earth's center.
♦Mass is an intrinsic property of a body, as it remains the same everywhere in the universe. Weight is variable due to change in the magnitude of the gravitational force applied by the earth.
♦Mass is denoted by "M" while Weight (W) = Mass (M) * Gravitational acceleration (g)
♦Mass can never be zero, for then the body will have no existence. Weight can be zero if there is no gravitational force acting on the body, like that in the space.
♦Mass is indestructible But weight can be increased when there is more gravitational impact and decreased when less gravitational impact.
♦Mass is measured by a common balance. Weight is measured by a spring balance.
♦Mass is scalar and has no direction dependency. Weight is vector and is directed towards the center of the earth..

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