difference between micro and macro nutrients . any four

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1. They are the nutrients required by plants in large amounts.
2. They are present in plant tissues in amounts more than 10 m mole kg –1 of dry matter.
3. Examples include hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.
4. Macronutrients contribute to bulk energy needed for metabolic system.
5. Cereals, legumes, fish, meat are rich in macronutrients.

1. They are also called trace elements.​​ These are present in plant bodies in very small amounts.
2. These are present in plant tissues in amounts less than 10 m mole kg – 1 of dry matter.
3. Examples include cobalt, manganese, zinc, etc.
4. They help in body growth and prevention of diseases.
5. Vegetables, fruits, fermented food are rich in micronutrients.


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