difference between modern and old cinema

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A. Choose the correct answer Irom the alternativeS:

(a) The word 'mobility' means
(i) ability
(ii) creativity (iii) movement
(iv) activity
(b) The phrase 'exposed to may best be replaced by -
(i) to remove something (ii) make public (iii) experience something harmful (iv) shocking news
(c) The closest meaning of 'study' is-
(i) skipping
(ii) omitting (iii) reporting
(iv) learning
(d) The word 'anaemia' refers to
(iv) blood contamination
(i) blood pressure (ii) blood sugar (iii) shortage of blood
(e) The 'neonatal' is closely related to
(i) a newborn baby
(ii) a mother
(iii) an adolescent
(iv) a disease
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Popularity, Story, Colour, Income from film, No of artists
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