Difference between museums and botanical garden. write 5 point?

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Museum Botanical Garden
Museum is a kind of institution where there occurs a public display of objects which are scientifically, culturally, socially, artistically or historically important.  Botanical gardens are   specialised gardens for collecting living plants 
Museum contains variety of objects with information about its date and place of collection, collector’s name etc. If the object is a plant, then its identification is already done. The plants in botanical gardens are grown  for identification purposes .
A part of plant may be preserved and displayed. It helps in providing information about the plant. Each plant labelled, indicating scientific name and family to which it belongs.
They can be small or large depending upon the plant or animal specimen preserved. They are very big as live plant specimens are present in them.
These contain microslides, wood materials, leaves, fossils etc. Only living plants are found in botanical gardens.

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Botanical garden

1.Places where living plant collections of different varieties are maintained.

2. These include medicinal, economic important, Industrial, cultivated ornamental, etc. plants.

3. Here the living plants are only grown.

4. Modern botanical garden are quite big and possess greenhouses, a herbarium, a library and research laboratories.


1. Place where a collection of dried, pressed and well preserved plants specimens are kept.

2. Here plant materials are arranged according to a system of classification.

3. It also posses wood materials, microslides, photographs, drawings, etc.

4. Herbarium is comparatively a small institution present inside a botanical garden or in an university.
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