Difference between parenchyma

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Assuming that your question is regarding different types of parenchyma, here is your answer-
There are many different types of parenchyma like-
1) Chlorenchyma- Parenchymatous cells which contain chlorophyll and thus, are able to perform photosynthesis are called chlorenchyma.
2) Aerenchyma- Parenchymatous cells which have large intercellular spaces and thus, help aquatic plants in buoyancy are called aerenchyma.
3) Prosenchyma- Parenchymatous cells with elongated shape and tapering ends aee called prosenchyma.
4) Vascular parenchyma- Parenchymatous cells found in association with the vascular bundle of plant ( xylem and phloem ) are called vascular parenchyma. etc.
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