Difference between phellogen and phelloderm .

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Phellogen is the meristematic cell layer present in the vascular plants which result in the formation of periderm. Phellogen is also known as cork cambium. Phellogen or cork cambium is a type of meristematic tissue that is involved in the secondary growth. The first cork cambium typically arises in sub epidermal cells or cells of the cortex in stems while the subsequent cork cambia originate in the secondary phloem. The phellogen is responsible for the formation of the cork or phellem and the secondary cortex or phelloderm. The phellem, phellogen and the phelloderm together constitute the periderm. 
Phelloderm is defined as the layers of cells which grow inwards from the phellogen. Phelloderm consists of live parenchymatous cells and periderm consists of both live, dead and replicating cells.


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