Difference Between plant cell and animal cell.

Plant cells is wearing net dresses net deisign and animal cells is squre design
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PODHE ka cells hai plant cells and Tera cells hai animal cells.
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how is drunk helpful to elephant
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A plant cell is a cell which is having a wall .In this vocule are very large
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In plant cell there is a wall cell wall and in animal cell there is no cell in plant cell centrosome is absent and in animals and centrosome sum is present
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Plant cell
1. Cell wall is present in plant cell
2.Plant cell has definite shape
3. Plant cell has one big vacuole
4. Plant cell has plastids
5. Lysosome are absent in plant cell 
6. Plant cell has chloroplast so they produce their own food
Animal cell
1. Cell wall is absent in animal cell
2.Animal cell do not have definite shape
3.Animal cell has many small vacuole
4.Plastids are absent in animal cell
5.Lysosome are present in animal cell
6.Animal cell do not have chloroplast
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