difference between porifera and coelenterata?

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1. They are mostly marine, non - motile, found attached to rocks.
2. They show cellular level of organization.

Coelenterate -
1. Exclusively marine animals that either live in colonies or have a
solitary life span.
2. They show tissue level of organization

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  • porifera are non motile while coelenterates are capable of locomation.
  • Porifera show cellular level of organisation while coelenterates show tissue level of organisation.
  • Porifera has numerous holes or pores all over the body but coelenterates have onle one opening.
  • Poriferans have a exoskeleton while coelenterates do not.

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Basis of difference :



Number of layers body made up of :

Their body consist of numerous pores which allow the circulation of water throughout the body to bring in food and oxygen. 

They are diploblastic animals (body is made up of two layers of cells- ectoderm and endoderm)

Type of symmetry:

They are asymmetrical

They have radial symmetry

Level of body organization:

They have cellular level of organization

They have tissue level of body organization

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They are marine.

They are marine & few are fresh water.


Proper mouth, digestive cavity and anus absent.


A large gastro vascular cavity is present which lack the anus.


They have canal system that helps in circulation of water throughout the body to bring in food & oxygen.


Respiratory, Circulatory, excretory system absent but nervous system is primitive.


They show cellular level of organisation.

They show tissue level of organisation.

Reproduction is asexual (budding, gemmule) or sexual.


Reproduction is asexual.


Spongilla, Cliona.

Obelia, Hydra.

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