Difference between possessive pronoun possessive noun with an example

we use possessive pronouns to refer to a specific person ,people,.thing;belonging to a person people thing or sometimes to animals or things. possessive pronouns are personal pronouns in the possessive case.they perform the same function that nouns in the possessive case(nouns with the-'s, such as mohan's, john's, and boys')perform.when these are used attributively, that is, before nouns, they functions as determiners, as for example, in my book, her camera, their vision , etc. but when they are used predicatively,i.e. after the nouns which they substitute, they are syntactically nominals(replacements for nouns):

  1. the ring you are wearing is mine.(here, mine= my ring.
  2. the chair she sat in was yours.(i.e.your chair)
  3. the car i am driving is his(i.e, his car).
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possessive nouns are nouns that show ownership or possession.

possessive pronouns are the nouns that indicate possession.
possessive noun-cat's,mobile's,etc.
possessive pronoun-mine,yours,etc.
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