difference between social and legal responsibility.

Social responsibility refers to the obligations of the business to the society such as providing good quality products and legal responsibility refers to the rules and regulations that the bsthas to follow such as sales tax
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Social responsibility is something which is done through a voluntary action where as legal responsibility is mandatory
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  • Legal responsibility is compulsory under any of the laws, acts, and constitution. Social responsibility is not backed by legal provisions.
  • Legal responsibility is compulsion while social responsibility is a choice.
  •  legal responsibility is fulfilled in the name of social responsibility.
  • There are no punishments for organizations not following their social responsibility but legal action can be taken against organizations not following their legal responsibility.
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Social responsibility is different from legal responsibility as social responsibilities are broader than legal responsibilities.Legal responsibilities are fulfilled in the compliance of law , whereas social responsibility is recognized by business even though not covered by law.
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Social Responsibility is an ethical framework that an entity be it an organization or an individual has an obligation to act for the benefit of the society. It involves an element of voluntary action to act for the benefit of the society. 
Whereas Legal Responsibility is fulfilled by mere compliance with the law. 
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