Difference between the digestive system of a human and a cockroach

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Cockroach  Humans
The digestive system of cockroach includes alimentary canal and two pairs of salivary glands.

Path of food:
The food is ingested through the mouth which leads to oesophagus. Oesophagus opens into sac-like crop used to store food on temporary basis. Crop is followed by gizzard used for grinding of food. For secretion of digestive juices, some 6-8 tubules known as hepatic caecae are present and for removal of nitrogenous waste from the body fluids, malphigian tubules are present. The remnants are expelled from the anus.
The human digestive system is a complex organ system within multicellular organisms.

Path of food:
It takes in food, passes it to oesophagus, then to stomach and from there to small intestine. The faecal matter is ejected through anus. The gatrointestinal tract of humans is about 20 feet long and is divided into foregut, midgut and hindgut. This tract plays a significant role in digestion.

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