Difference between was and were (please give answer soon this is my tomorrows assignment )

Was and were are both used in past tense. Was is used for a single person and were is used for a plural person
Examples for was : 1) He was studying English
2) I was eating food

Examples for were: 1) They were watching t.v.
2) We were enjoying our holidays.. etc..

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Simply try to get it with some examples first-
                           1.She was late to school and they were going to be late are two different sentences.
It's very clear with the above example that was is used for singular and were for plural.
Look at other examples-
                           2.The committee was discussing if he was guilty. 
                           3.Sushma declared that the class elections were fair.
try to understand the difference between 'they' and a particular 'group' and the concept will be clear.
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Was and Were are used in past tense.
But the difference is that
i) Was is used with singular person and Were with plural person.
    or we can also say: We use were where we are referring to a party or any group. But we use was where we are referring to a            single person.

ii)For example: I was doing my work.
                      Here we can see that the subject is in singular so we used "was" in this sentence.
                     We were doing our work.
                     Here we can see that the subject is in plural form so we used "were" in this sentence.
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