differences b/w seasonal breeder nd continous  breeders

seasonal breeders are the plants that flowers or gives fruites in a particular season only like, Mango tree in which fruits come in summer only....

Continuous breeders are the plants that gives fruits throughout the year or in whole of the life time... for example rose.. and also in case of humans they are all continuous breeders....


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seasonal breeders gives flowers once in 100s or1000s yrs....but continuous breeders does not take so much time to give rise to give flowers

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seAsonal breeder has a season controlled reproductive cycle example day length ,light intensity etc activates its reproductive organs to becme active the y get activated in particular season only. continuos breeders are in reproductive cycle through out the year

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seasonal breeders reproduce at particular period of the year such as frog,most birds ,lizards etc.

continuous breeders continue to breed throughout their sexual maturity such as human-being, honey bee ,rabit

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 seasonal bredders cannot reproduce throut the year bt continuous breeders  can reproduce throught the year

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Seasonal breeders generally undergo estrous cycle, whereas continuous breeders undergo menstrual cycle.
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Seasonal breeders: Those organisms which successfully mate during certain seasons of the year. During those times (which vary from organism to organism), temperature, availability of food and water are optimum and also there is less predators or there is change in behaviour of predators. Females of such category undergoes estrus cycles and remain fertile and receptive to mating. At other times of the year, they remain sexually inactive. Males of such category exhibit changes in physiology.

Examples: Non-primate mammals.

Continuous breeders: Those organisms which can successfully mate and breed through out the year irrespective of the season. Females of such category undergo cyclical changes (menstrual cycle) and males always remain able to copulate.

Example: Primate females.
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