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 differences between solids, liquids and gases ?

Shuchi Tyagi , added an answer, on 20/7/11
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  • have fixed shape
  • have fixed volume
  • have atoms that are close and highly attracted to each other
  • have atoms that have mainly vibrational kinetic energy

  • have a fixed volume
  • are not compressible, therefore, density is high like the solid
  • take the shape of their container
  • atoms are are close and attracted to one another but have some 12% of inter-particular bonds broken
  • some transitional and rotational kinetic energy is present but mainly vibrational
  • have a boiling and freezing points, vapour pressure, surface tension

  • have no fixed volume
  • low density
  • atoms are far apart
  • little to no attraction for each other
  • take shape of container

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