differentiate acidophillic and lipophillic hormone

Daer Student
Basically there are two type of hormone ,there is no acidiphilic hormone because if you break acidophilic(acid loving and there is no such hormone)
  1. Lipophilic hormones 
  2. Hydrophilic hormones
Lipophilic  hormone as name suggest lipid soluble,like steroid hormone can enter the cell and nucleus freely.They act  by binding to a specific region of DNA,and activating genes to produce their action whereas Hydrphilic ( water soluble) hormones like insulin and adrenaline,cannot enter ther cell.the get attached to the membrane receptors at the surface of  the cell.They trigger the production of other chemical messangers called second messangers inside the cells .For Eg,IP3 and cylic AMP act as second messanger which in turn trigger a chain of reaction to produce  effects of hormone


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