Differentiate between anamoulas and thermal expansion and happy teachers day to all experts

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The expansion of a substance on heating is called thermal expansion of that substance. The increase in length is called linear expansion, the increase in area on heating is called superficial expansion and the increase in volume is called cubical expansion.  Solids have a definite shape so they have the ability to show all three on heating whereas liquids and gases do not have a fixed shape and therefore show only cubical or volume expansion.
The expansion of a substance on cooling in a certain range of temperature is called the anomalous expansion of that substance. Some substances such as water from 0 - 4 degree Celsius, silver iodide from 80 - 141 degree Celsius and silica below -80 degree Celsius contract on heating and expand on cooling. This unusual behaviour of water helps the preservation of aquatic life in times of winter where the temperature falls to extremely low temperatures.
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