differentiate between divergent evolution and convergent evolution.

please if you can then give in points.



Divergent evolution:

  • It is the cumulative process of natural selection which ultimately leads to the formation of new species from the same ancestral base.
  • The example of divergent evolution is Darwin finches.
  • There are now 80 varieties of finches have evolved from a single variety of finches.
  • Both the wooly mammoth and the elephant originated from a common ancestor, but the common ancestor eventually diverged, and hence forth two new species were created in the process.
  • They live in different ways than the common ancestor
  • It is caused by migration or nearby extinction of a nearby environment. Example: Dinosaur.


Convergent evolution:

  • It is the process where some diverse organisms individually develop the traits which are similar in function.
  • For example insects, birds, pterosaurs, and bats. All have developed the similar nature of the flight/wings.
  • All four serve the same function and are similar in structure, but each evolved independently.
  • When unrelated organisms evolve similarities when adapting to similar environments
    they live in the relatively same way as each other.
  • Rheas and ostriches are living in different parts of the world and these are closely similar, due to living in similar environments.


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