Differentiate between gas and vapour..


A vapor is a substance which has experienced a phase change.

A gas is a substance which has not, and will not experience a phase change.

Vapor is formed by a substance which is a solid or a liquid at room temperature, that its natural state of matter is either a solid or a liquid.

The natural state of matter for a gas is a gas.

Example: steam would be a vapor because at room temperature, it would be water, which is a liquid.

Nitrogen (a gas) at room temperature would still be in a gaseous state, so it is a gas.

Vapour is not a state of matter

Gas is a state of matter

The word, "vapor" suggests a gas that was formed by evaporation of something that is a liquid at room temperature.

While gas is a naturally occuring state of matter.

While a vapor is a substance above its boiling point temperature.

A gas is a substance above its critical temperature

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