Differentiate between Himalayan and peninsular rivers.

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• Himalayan rivers are perennial in nature, whereas peninsular rivers are seasonal in nature and dry up in summers as they are dependent upon rainfall.

• Himalayan rivers cause much erosion and have great flow of water, whereas peninsular rivers create much less erosion and also have weaker flow of water.

• Himalayan rivers are meandering, whereas peninsular rivers are straight.

• Himalayan rivers create great plains suitable for agriculture, urbanization, and industrialization. These are some of the most densely populated areas in the country.

• Himalayan rivers originate in the Himalayas, whereas peninsular rivers originate in small hills and plateaus.

• Himalayan rivers are much longer and deeper than peninsular rivers.

• Basins of Himalayan rivers are much deeper than the basins of peninsular rivers.

• Himalayan rivers irrigate the northern plains, whereas peninsular rivers irrigate the Deccan Plateaus.


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