Differentiate between hydrophytes and xerophytes

Following are the differences between hydrophytes and xerophytes

   Hydrophytes   Xerophytes
This includes plants that live in wet conditions.

 This includes plants that live in dry conditions.

Leaves are large and broad.Leaves are Small and spiny shaped.
These plants lack thick waxy cuticle layer.They have thick waxy cuticle layer.
Stomata are present on upper surface of leaf and large in number.Stomata are sunken in the pits of epidermis and are less in number.
E.g, Cactus etcE.g, Water hyacinth etc.

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A hydrophyte is a plant that grows in water or in water-logged soil, with submerged  storage organs and perennating bud (s) resting below the water level. 
Hydrophytes have a reduced root system, reduced support and vascular systems, and specialized leaves. Anchored hydrophytes have a rooting system that is embedded in the soil and they often have floating leaves.

 Xerophytes are plants that are adapted in such a way that they are able to tolerate extended periods of dry conditions. Most water lost from plants is in the form of water vapour that diffuses out of the leaves through the stomata during the process of transpiration. 

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 Hydrophyte:- These are plants that grow in water or in very wet places.

Xerophyte:- These are the plants which are capable of growing in conditions where water is present in low amount.

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 hydrophytes are the plants that live in water such as lotus and waterlily which lives under the water.

xerophytes are the plants that are found in desrt areas such as cactus which has spines and stores water inside them.

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