differentiate between labour force and workforce in a tabular form

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The following points highlight the difference between Labour force and Workforce:
Labour force Workforce
It refers to the number of individuals actually working and willing to work. It refers to the number of individuals actually working.
It includes unemployed individuals who are willing to work. It does not include unemployed individuals willing to work.
It is a measure of potential workforce. It is a measure of the actual workforce.

Labour force refers to the number of workers actually working or willing to work at a particular wage rate. As against labour supply, it is measured in terms of actual number of workers. This implies that the labour force can be increased (or decreased) only by increasing (or decreasing) the actual number of workers. In contrast to this, Work force refers to those who are actually working. As against labour force, it does not include those who are only willing to work. The difference between the labour force and work force gives an estimate of the number of persons unemployed


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