Differentiate between Single Use Plan and Standing Plan.(any two points

and one example of each plan)

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Subject matterSingle use planStanding planDefinitionSingle?? use?? planning?? is done for a single purpose and?? this?? is?? not useful after the achievement of an objective.It is useful for achieving different purpose.PeriodIt is?? done for a definite period.It may be used in the long run.CostIts cost is moreIt bears little costFlexibilityIt is flexibleIt is less flexibleSupervisionIt needs more supervisionIt needs less supervisionClassificationIts classifications are major program, project, special program, detailed plan etc.Its classifications are policy, procedures, method, rules etc.EndThe plan ends after gaining the objective.It continues until the preparation of new plan.ScopeIt is used in limited sector or area such as construction, engineering firm etc.It is used in large sector for all types of organizations.diversityIt has a scope of diversity due to changeable planIt has no scope of diversity due to long term basis plan.AlertnessIt should be maintained alertness to do the execution of the plan.It is used randomly. So alertness is less important here.ControllingIt is comparatively difficult to control due to achieve unique objectiveIt is easy to control due to achieve consistently repeated objective.

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SINGLE USE PLANA Single use plan in a business refers to plan developed for a one-time project or event thathas one specific objective. It applies to activities that do not recur or repeat. It is specificallydesigned to achieve a particular goal.. Such Plan is developed to meet the needs of a uniquesituation. The length of a single-use plan differs greatly depending on the project in question,as a single event plan may only last one day while a single project may last weeks or months.For example, an outline for an advertising campaign. After the campaign runs its course, theshort term plan will lose its relevance except as a guide for creating future plans.STANDING PLANSStanding plans are used over and over again because they focus on organizational situationsthat occur repeatedly. They are usually made once and retain their value over a period ofyears while undergoing revisions and updates. That is why they are also called repeated useplans. For example, Business plan to establish a new business. Entrepreneurs draft businessplan before opening the doors to their business, and they can use their plan to guide their

efforts for years into the future.

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