differentiate between striated and non striated muscle fibres.

                   STRIATED MUSCLES                         NON-STRIATED MUSCLES

            These are striated and are bundle               The cells of these  muscles are long
           together in a parallel manner by a                 with pointed ends and uni-nucleated.
          sheath of connective tissue.

            Attached to the skeletal bonesand              Located in alimentary canal,urinary bladder,
           are voluntary.                                                blood vessels,ducts of glands.                                   
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striated are voluntary, non striated are voluntary.
striations have striations, the other does not have.

for more details, refer ncert book
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Hello Essa here is your answer
Non-Striated Muscles :
  1. Striations present.
  2. It is voluntary in action.
  3. Muscle fibres are long & cylindrical.
  4. Sarcomeres are present.
  5. Fibres are multinucleated.

Striated Muscles:
  1. Striations absent.
  2. Involuntary in action.
  3. Muscle fibres are long spindle-shaped.
  4. Sarcomeres are absent.
  5. Fibres are uninucleated.
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