Differentiate between striated , smooth and cardiac muscles for 6 marks.

Dear student Please find below the solution of your asked query.. 1) striated muscles - they are also called striped or skeletal or voluntary muscles. They undergo contraction and relaxation as per the will and wish , they are cylindrical , unbranched and multi nucleated cells.they undergo fatigue quickly. Alternate dark and light bands . 2.Smooth muscles- They are visceral as they are located in the inner walls of hollow visceral organs of the body like the alimentary canal, reproductive tract, etc. They are non striated as they do not exhibit any striation and are smooth in appearance. Hence, they are called smooth muscles (nonstriated muscle). Their activities are not under the voluntary control of the nervous system and are therefore known as involuntary muscles. They contract slowly hence do not undergo fatigue, uni nucleated and spindle shaped cell. Cardiac muscles- Cardiac muscles are the muscles of heart. cardiac muscle cells assemble in a branching pattern to form a cardiac muscle. Based on appearance cardiac muscles are striated and functionally they are involuntary in nature as the nervous system does not control their activities directly, they never undergo fatigue, they are cylindrical, branched , uni nucleated cells.They have Intercalated discs which are contraction boosters. Hope this information clears your doubts about the topic keep asking Regards

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