Differentiate between the Hot weather season and Cold weather season of India on the basis of;

a)Duration b)Temperature c)Pressure c)Winds d)Rainfall and other weather phenomena

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Difference between Hot and Cold Season :
S. No Hot weather season Cold weather season
1. This season begins from March to May in India This season begins in India from mid November in Northern India and stays till February.
2. High temperature are recorded during the months of March – May and hence it is summer in India at this period December and January are the coldest months in Northern India
3. The highest temperature recorded during this period is 38°C in Deccan plateau while in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh it is around 42°C during April The temperature ranges from 24° - 25° C in Chennai while the Northern plains ranges between 10° - 15° C  
4. Summer months have rise in temperature and fall in air pressure in the Northern part of the country Days are warm and nights are cold. Frost is common in North and higher slopes of Himalayas experience snowfall
5. A striking feature of hot weather season is loo, strong gusty hot winds blowing over the day over North and North Western India During this season, North East Trade winds prevail and for most part of the country it is a dry season.
6. Dust storms are common in May in North India and they bring temporary relief thereby reducing temperature, light rain and cool breeze In the northern region, feeble high pressure region develops with light winds moving out of the area
7. Sometimes, this season is characterized by violent winds, thunderstorms, and hail The weather is generally clear sky with low temperatures, low humidity and feeble winds
8. Pre – monsoon showers are possible in Kerala and Karnataka and this helps in ripening of mangoes and hence, these showers are known as mango showers Low pressure system that originates over Mediterranean sea and Western Asia causes winter rains over the plain region and snowfall in Himalayas and this winter rainfall is of great importance for the cultivation of rabi crops


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