Differentiate between the major approaches, discussed in the chapter, to the establishment of peace in the world.

There are three major approaches for the establishment of peace in the world.

  1. The first approach favours sovereignty and deals with fair competition between the states and the maintenance of a balance of power to contain conflict. This approach upholds the sovereignty of states as paramount and competition among them as a fact in order to promote peace.

  2. The second approach deals with economic integration and interdependence that leads to political unification. Economic and social cooperation between states would lead to peace by promoting international understanding.

  3. The third approach visualises the state as a transitory system and the emergence of a global community surpassing the state system to maintain world peace. The rise of people’s movements and multinational corporations is a step in this direction. The process of globalisation has contributed to this by reducing the influence of state and diluting the concept of sovereignty.

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