Differentiate between the water transport system of Porifera and Echinodermata ?

Phylum - Porifera (Pore bearing animals), commonly known as sponges are primitive multicellular animals with cellular grade of organisation. They have no fixed body shape and no plane of symmetry.
The water transport system in sponges : The body wall encloses a large cavity, water through small pores enters in the spongocoel or canals from where it goes out through the osculum. The continuos beating of flagella maintains a steady current of water through the canals to bring in food and oxygen and removes waste.

Phyum- Echinodermata (Spiny body animals), they are spiny skinned and triploblastic animals have an endoskeleton of dermal calcareous osscicles with spines, covered by the epidermis and usually have radial symmetry.
The water transport system in Echinodermata : water transport take place through water vascular or ambulacral system where tube feet are present as contractile appendages serve for locomotion, food capture, respiration.

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