differentiate between world bank and human development index

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Assuming your query to be differentiate between World Development Report and Human Development Index, the answer is as follows:

a. World Development Report focusses on development in the conventional sense  such as increase in per capita income and growth of economy while comparing countries. It concentrates on the quantitative aspect of development.  On the other hand,  Human Development Index stresses on a broader and modern notion of development  leading a good quality life where individuals develop themselves to the fullest.  It includes providing good education, health facilities. It includes the qualitative aspect of development.  

b. World Development Report , takes into account national income, per capita income, GDP. This indeed is considered as important factor of drawing comparisons between countries. It is the average income or per capita income which is taken into consideration while making comparisons. Human Development Index  includes the literacy rate ,life expectancy rate, infant mortality rate to determine the development status of a particular region or a country.

c. World bank report has specified the criterion accordingly, for categorising countries into developed, developing and underdeveloped countries. Human development  index  provides a complete picture of development that is essential  to lead a quality, dignified life.


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 The following are the differences between Human Development Report and World Development Report: 
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