Directions:: Rewrite each of the following sentence in eleven ways changing the verb form into other tenses .🙏🙏🙏(1) I write a letter. (2) My father will teach me .(3) He has been working.(4) It will have been raining. (5) She is playing.(6) He and I do.

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1. I write a letter.
I am writing a letter.
I have written a letter.
I have been writing a letter.

I wrote a letter.
I was writing a letter.
I had written a letter.
I had been writing a letter.

I will write a letter.
I will be writing a letter.
I will have written a letter.

Please write the rest of the sentences in the above manner.


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Name of the organisation Leave a line The word ' NOTICE' Leave a line Date Leave a line Subject Matter Leave a line Name of the writer Designation of the writer

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i am wirting a letter
my father is going to teach me
he was working
it might be raining
she is playing
he can do and also i can do
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