Disadvantages of mixed cropping in point wise

Disadvantages of Mixed farming are:-

1.Monitoring and maintenance of such fields become very difficult because multiple activities are going on simultaneously.

2. Farmer have to be expert in many fields.

3. This kind of farming need extra efforts and knowledge so it is not popular among the farmers.

4. If the crops to be grown on a same field are not chosen correctly they can compete for nutrients.

5. This practice reduce the quality and fertility of the soil eventually as more many crops are grown on the same field at a same time.

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People used to plant one type of crop in an area. Like cotton for example, rows and rows of cotton plants all needing the same nutrients to grow. All those cotton plants deplete or use up all the boron in the soil and cotton plants eventually all die. So to keep that from happening farmers started mixing up the plants so they don't use up all the nutrients at once, if they are real clever they'll plant the crops that restore the nutrients that the crop next to it uses up and vice versa.1. A major disadvantage isirrigationthat water logs the soil. Also mixed cropping sometimes uses a lot of man madefertilizersto be at peak production which can change the phase of the soil making it less productive.

1. The scope of specialization and intensification will be limited and it may adversely affect productivity2. Its only suited for family farming / subsistence farming but not for industrial farming3. you need to deal with multiple problems at a time- like disease, technical knowhow4. Mechanization is little bit difficult as different crops may require different mechanical technologies- different harvestor, planter.Hope I helped.
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Because a mixed farming system consists of multiple activities running simultaneously, this makes the control, monitoring, and maintenance of the farm more difficult than a monoculture where only a single activity is run.2.For the same reason above, the farmer needs to be knowledgeable (or an expert) in more than one area as compared to a monoculture farmer. A mixed farming farmer is running several activities at once, so he/she must be an expert in many fields.3.Because of disadvantages (1) and (2), mixed farming system is often not popular among farmers, although mixed farming system is scientifically proven to work (CIPAV system in one good example of a proven working system).
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