Discuss briefly some of the new rights claims which are being put forward in our country today—for example the rights of tribal people to protect their habitat and way of life, or the rights of children against bonded labour.

  • The claim of rights of tribal people to protect their habitat and way of life has emerged with the new conception of a secure and respectful life of individuals along with preserving their traditional way of life and access to resources.

  • This is a result of change in society and its beliefs and providing special provisions or rights to people to protect indigenous culture.

  • Tribal people are given rights to own a part of land of the forest to which they belong.

  • They are given special facilities in education, job, medicine etc. so that they can compete with the rest of the society on equal terms.

  • The rights of children against bonded labour are necessary to prevent their exploitation and ensure a safe childhood for them.

  • The right to education is a new right given in the Indian Constitution.

  • This right helps in preventing the violation of the basic right of children to education.

  • Right to information is a new right that helps the citizens to know the status or the procedure of the services that they are entitled to receive.

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