Discuss the complete process of vermicomposting

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Vermicomposting is defined as the process of decomposing the organic matter using worms such as red wigglers, white worms and other earthworms to turn the organic waste into a natural fertilizer. It is a faster method of composting where earthworms are introduced into heaps of organic matter. Earthworms feed on the organic matter and broken down into particles and released with worm castings which are rich in nutrients.

Steps in vermicomposting are:
1. Buying a bin worm where worms will live and are kept away from light.
2. Buying worms and the best ones are red wigglers.
3. Making carbon-rich bedding for worms.
4. Moistening and providing soil for the bedding.
5. Adding the worms to vermicompost bin.
6. Adding food scraps and sealing the vermicompost.
8. Removing the worms on completion of vermicomposting.
9. Harvesting the vermicompost and reusing it again with some new worms and food scraps. 

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