Discuss the different images that Europeans and Americans had of each other and the different ways in which they saw nature.

Following are the Europeans’ perspective to native Americans :- 
1. They considered the native Americans as an uncivilized and barbarous. In their point of view, they were also not amenable. 
2. According to them, the native people were unorganized and foolish. Americans were lazy, anti-development, and unwilling to win the nature. Hence, they took some steps for reclamation and expansions in agriculture.
3. Europeans wanted to exterminate and displace native Americans. 
(B) Native Americans perspective to the Europeans :- 
1. Native people surprised Europeans in such a way that they cleared the forests, get the fields dugs and turn into large states with buildings and constructed other infrastructures thereupon.
2. They wanted to share their land with Europeans but they were insisting for selling the land to others.
3. They thought that Europeans were wrong in dividing the land into smaller pieces under their ownership.
4. They considered Europeans as friends. They introduced them to invisible tracks of forests and provided them things as the gift.

Different views on nature-
1. Native people took nature as their mother. They made certain rules for maintaining the balance in the environment but Europeans relentlessly cut the trees, destroyed the natural beauty of the landscape, also constructed a number of structures and super-structures, developed farms and plantations.
2. The natives grcrops, but not for sale and profit. They only wanted to survive while everything was commodity worth value. Hence, selling and profiteering was Europeans’ exclusive aim.
3. Native people were extreme lovers of nature while Europeans took only resource inert and lifeless. According to them, every resource is needed to be exploited for earning more and more profit from the products obtained by the application of labor and skill in work. 

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