Discuss the following methods of separation and also write their uses :

1 Handpicking
2 Threshing
3 Winnowing
4 Seiving
5 Sedimentation , Decantation , and Filtration
6 Evaporation
7 Condensation

Dear student, 5. Sedimentation and decantation: Due to gravity in this method the heavier insoluble components settle down. This process is called sedimentation and the particles that settle down are called sediments. The clear liquid on top is carefully decant into another vessel, without disturbing the sediments. This process is known as decantation. For ex., muddy water containing heavier particle like sand or soil can be removed by sedimentation and decantation Filtration Filtration is a process by which using filter paper insoluble solids can be removed from a liquid. If you pass a solution through filter paper, any undissolved solid particles will get left behind on the paper whereas the liquid will filte through the funnel. The liquid that passes through is called the filtrate and the undissolved solid particles are called residue. For ex., a mixture of chalk powder and water can be separated by this method. Kindly ask the other parts in a separate thread. Thanks and regards

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