Discuss the following statement with reference to the chapter Virtually True
"Science fiction today is tomorrow's reality".

The chapter 'Virtually True' describes scenarios that are still very much a part of science fiction. It shows a boy, injured and in a coma in reality, playing computer games with another child. Science fiction is a form of fiction that draws imaginatively on scientific knowledge: things that could happen in the future as technology and science advances further! We have seen how science fiction has played a big role in the developments that have taken place in the field of science. The movie 'Back to the future' shows the protagonist travelling on what looks uncannily like a hover-board. Similarly, the setting, theme, plot described and discussed in 'Virtually True' is part of fiction today, but could possibly be tomorrow's reality. The movie 'Matrix' is based on a similar concept in which the characters travel inside the computer software!

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